Cabrillo Captures SPAWAR Systems Center Engineering Tasks

11 November 2013

(Philadelphia, PA) – Cabrillo Technologies announced today it was awarded three task orders in support of the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) Systems Center Pacific (SSC PAC) Code 551 providing afloat and ashore engineering expertise.

“Our team is experienced in providing the Fleet with the tools necessary to keep them up to date with the latest technology, whether they are at sea or onshore,” stated Lori Ventimiglia, the president of Cabrillo Technologies. “Cabrillo is proud to add expertise in SPAWAR programs to the McKean Defense Group family, providing a complete solution for the Fleet’s Information Technology needs across the engineering lifecycle.”

Team Cabrillo will support the Consolidated Afloat Network and Enterprise Services (CANES) Military Sealift Command (MSC) Variant Central Design Agent Support for the Afloat Network Engineering (ANE) team, providing a detailed design baseline for CANES. This effort is the first effort by the SSC ANE team to provide a government-developed CANES baseline following the contractor-provided development model previously used by the CANES program. Cabrillo will establish a new and enhanced technical design based on the current CANES baseline for MSC platforms.

Cabrillo will also work with the Automated Digital Network System (ADNS) and Defense Information Systems Network Internet Protocol Transport-Provider Edge (DISN IPT-PE) Network Engineering Support. The DISN IPT-PE effort is for the PMW 790’s objective to phase out the terrestrial transport cipher text service provided by the Navy tactical WAN architecture and replace it with the services planned by Defense Information Systems Agency under the DISN Core. We are supporting the design changes necessary to meet the DoD terrestrial networking changes.

Additional Information: Cabrillo Technologies is a business unit of McKean Defense specializing in transformational technology and evolutionary engineering. Cabrillo’s engineers, technical specialists and analysts apply the best practices and architectures from a variety of industries to the tactical networking environment. We balance the need to advance technology with an understanding of how the tactical environment is unique. Contact us to identify the right architecture for your mission.

Roberta Chagnot
McKean Defense