Cabrillo Awarded CANES Application Integration

28 July 2014

(Philadelphia, PA) – Cabrillo Technologies was awarded a task order for the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center SPA Pacific (SSC PAC) Cyberspace Science, Research, Engineering and Technology Integration contract for Application Integration (AI). This task is in support of the Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Systems (CANES) System Integration Test Events and Legacy AI Processes. SSC PAC is designated by the Program Executive Office (PEO) Command, Control, Computer, Communications and Intelligence (C4I) Program Management Warfare (PMW) 160 as the Technical Design Agent for the Application Integration initiative.

The PMW 160 AI Team ensures that the applications and systems needed by the Fleet are tested and interoperable with the PMW 160 CANES and Legacy Network Programs of Record (PORs) before shipboard installation. Cabrillo is responsible for documenting the network requirements, integrating the fleet applications into a PMW 160 test environment, providing engineering support for test events, and documenting the integrated solution.

“This is an example of how Cabrillo Technologies takes advantage of our blended expertise in military and commercial industry networks,” stated Lori Ventimiglia, the president of Cabrillo Technologies. “We will work with PMW 160 to apply commercial and military best practices for multi-tenancy application hosting to the Navy’s Tactical Afloat Network Program.” Cabrillo is very excited to provide this valuable engineering and process support to SSC PAC.

Additional Information: Cabrillo Technologies is a business unit of McKean Defense specializing in transformational technology and evolutionary engineering. Cabrillo’s engineers, technical specialists and analysts apply the best practices and architectures from a variety of industries to the tactical networking environment. We balance the need to advance technology with an understanding of how the tactical environment is unique. Contact us to identify the right architecture for your mission.

Roberta Chagnot
McKean Defense